The Board of Directors of the Drayton Valley Hospitality and Tourism Authority (DVHTA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas (Tom) Hinderks as Executive Director of the DVHTA.

At Drayton Valley Hospitality & Tourism Authority, we are committed to the success of our community. This includes supporting our members financially when they have goals that help elevate our town and the people that make it great.

In 2016, we were proud to sponsor the following groups:

  • Drayton Valley Minor Hockey – our youth sports are what make our community special. We were proud to sponsor various season tournaments and provincials as well with helping host out of town teams.
  • Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo – for 4 days in April the best cattle, stock and cowboys graced our town and helped us celebrate our rich ranching and agricultural history. We were proud to contribute by sponsoring some of the related events.  
  • Eagle Park/Blue Ridge Provincial Park – We were pleased to donate to our partner, Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council with some of their digital and on-line efforts.
  • Drayton Valley Rotary Club – A cornerstone of our community, the Drayton Valley Rotary Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to community infrastructure and events. We are happy to call them a partner and support them whenever possible. 

If you have a project that requires sponsorship, please fill out the following form and submit it to us. Our board will carefully review your request and get in touch with you.

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